AI Tech Fever Display Camera SAFE KRN-5000

The Al Tech SAFE-KRN-5000 Fever Camera is one of the best solutions at an affordable cost. The Al Tech KRN-5000  adopts a sophisticated PAI ( Patented Artificial Intelligence) chip-set which does face recognition and human body temperature detection by identifying FEVER in time accurately and warns people of high temperature and if masks are not worn. It's latest and unique technology detects people while they move instead of them queuing up and standing still to scan in front of old technology cameras. The Al Tech KRN-5000 can detect human body temperature (forehead) automatically to get a ±0.2°C high accuracy reading within 0.045 seconds, 30 to 40 people can walk through and pass in front of the camera within one minute and scan the temperature. 

AI Tech Fever Display Camera 1000K

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