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4 Common photocopier issues and how to fix them

You will eventually run into common photocopier issues and not know what to do. Your printing efficiency and document quality would both be impacted by these issues. Fortunately, these issues are easily solvable. Many of these issues can be resolved by modifying the photocopier settings or by following the instructions in the user manual. An expert is required for other repairs.

What are some of the most common issues we face with a photocopier?

1- The copier isn’t turning on

If your wall outlet isn't functioning properly, your photocopier might not turn on. Connect another electronic device, such as your phone, to check its condition. Plug in the copier if the phone is charging, then restart it after 30 minutes. You might need to replace your photocopier cord if that is the source of the issue.

2- Paper Jam

Paper jams have a variety of causes, and these causes result in error messages. It occurs when you put the wrong kind of printing paper in the machine or when there are foreign objects inside.

Some of the particles, such as dust, may damage the photocopier's operation and result in these issues. If it occurs on your machine, blow out the dust with a fan and re-insert the papers to make sure they fit snugly in the tray.

3- Faded Documents

You want to provide high-quality prints to your customers, but having your copier produce faded documents can cause problems. As photocopiers get older, the likelihood of documents having faded colors increases. It occurs when the print heads begin to clog and the toner runs out. Verify the print quality settings and make sure the ink cartridge is fully loaded. If the printed pages are still fading, clean the cartridge and install it correctly.

4- Not connecting to network or Wi-Fi

By fixing the photocopier connectivity yourself, you can save money. If the copier is on a different network from the router, it will typically not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Make sure the networks are the same. Additionally, make sure your router's settings are accurate.

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