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How To Select a Perfect Photocopier

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

If you are running an Organization. one of the key challenges your employees and colleagues face is Printing!

yes you saw this right. people sometimes spend more time near a Copier or Printer to get their Documents printed and some time preparing the document is way easier than getting it printed.

Sometimes employees will get into heated arguments in the office Just because someone is using the Common Printer for longer time and no one wants to work in a toxic environment as such.

There will be many reasons for the reduced efficiency and Interestingly "the Printing device" in your office plays a major roll in this. Sometimes the printer is out of paper, sometimes paper jams, toner low, not printing properly, some data is missing in the print out. and the list goes on.

Best way to avoid any awkward situation in you work floor is to identify your requirement properly before making any decision to buy a Photocopier.

Lets understand how we can Choose the "Perfect Photocopier"

1. Understand the Daily/ Monthly Printing Volume and paper sizes you use.

Best and most simple way to understand this is to see How many paper packets/Reams you consume per month. most of the time a A4 paper packet will contain 500 sheets. so if you are consuming 4 paper packets for printing means you have a printing volume of 2,000 prints per month

(Paper packets x Sheets per packet = Monthly Volume)

2. Understand the Application.

some offices are with a heavy Copy volume while some offices are with Heavy printing volume. it is very important to understand about the applications this device is going to be used for. You might Have the need for Printing, Or it might be for Copying. or in rare occasion it is mostly scanning for Faxing.

3. Understand the output.

Now that you have understood your volume and input. you have to decide what kind of a output you are expecting. it might be a boring Black and white output like in 90s or you might plan for a better and interesting output on color. (My personal selection is Color since it will give value to any Document, whatever the output it is)

4. Selecting The Brand

There are many famous brands in the world and each Brand/Model is designed to handle a specific workload and a output. below are some ideas.

Brand A - Low initial investment, But high running cost and repair Cost, Ideal for low volumes

Brand B - Average Initial Investment, Low Running cost, High repair cost, For average Volumes

Brand C - High initial investment, High Running cost, many features (Mostly unwanted) Durable

Brand D - Lower than Average initial Investment, Average Running Cost, Necessary features, Durability

5. Selecting the Correct Service Provider.

Even the products in the market are segregated like above. you will have to be extra cautious when selecting a service provider. Remember! its not like you are buying grocery to your home. you need to have a good relationship with the service provider and they should be a reliable company. If you buy a product from Brand D, you will not be depending on a one person or a company. since the product is more reliable and with less service requirements.

now you might be wandering what this Brand D is. Brand D will be SHARP. Its latest A3 Color Photocopier range "SHARP CUBE" is the most economical Color Photocopier in the world and its Durability is unbeatable.

For a Free consultation session. Please click or send us a email we will help you to understand your requirement and Consult you to find the Best solution from the Market


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