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Coin Counters

SC-303 / SC-313


These reliable, durable, and long-lasting coin counters are a fantastic daily help, saving you time by counting, verifying and bagging coins and tokens.


Perfect for:

  • Banks, retailers, and back-office environments in need of a compact machine

  • Bagging tokens or coins

  • Low cash volumes

  • Universal currency counter

SC-350 / SC-360


Despite the compact size, this high-speed coin counter gives you many advanced features as standard. How about RS 232 interface for external control?

Perfect for:

  • Fitting the gap between smaller back-office and heavy-duty machines

  • The medium bank branch or retailer

  • Medium cash volumes, universal currencies


Do you need to count large quantities of coins at a fast rate and still ensure efficient and reliable counting? Then you should get the most robust high-quality coin counter on the market.


Perfect for:

  • Back-office environments 

  • Customers demanding a robust and reliable coin counter

  • High cash volumes

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