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Photocopier & Printer Security Tips for Businesses

Imagine pulling a piece of paper that reads, "This printer has been hacked," from your printer. It may sound crazy, but it actually happened to about 30,000 printers recently.

As absurd as it may sound, these companies were incredibly fortunate. Their printers were compromised by ethical hackers, who then distributed the message as a warning to strengthen security.

Office copier and printer security should be a top priority to safeguard your personal and corporate data even if you weren't personally warned about it.

If you don't, you risk having a significant data breach that interferes with your capacity to manage your business and safely service your clients.

We shall look over some office copier and printer security guidelines to keep your data safe from online hackers and cybercriminals.

What Can You Do?

You can take certain daily actions to protect your workplace copier now and in the future. While some of these processes are straightforward configuration changes, others are more complex.

Remember that if you need assistance safeguarding your machine, you may always contact an authorized office copier dealer, such as ALTECH. Your local dealer ought to be your security partner and be able to continuously monitor your systems.

Upgrade to A Newer Copier or Printer

Do you have an outdated workplace copier? How recently did you replace the printer in your office? It is difficult to protect your data if your devices are outdated or obsolete.

The functions found on modern office copiers and multifunction printers are absent from older devices (MFPs). You'll have access to more security capabilities if you upgrade your device, which will assist safeguard the information you're scanning or copying throughout your business. You'll feel more at ease knowing that the data is secure thanks to these features.

Turn on Your Printer’s Data Security Features

If your business copier is more recent, it probably has data encryption and other security features. Data encryption encrypts the information, rendering it unreadable by hackers.

Even if hackers are successful in accessing the hard disk, the information is useless. A function to delete files from the hard disk is also present in some more recent models. In the event that your business copier is compromised, hackers won't discover anything.

You can choose a device that protects your data by working with a licensed copier dealer.

Make Sure Firmware Is Up-To-Date

Firmware upgrades are probably something you're familiar with if you use a smartphone. Apple and Android often provide updates to enhance performance, address problems, and boost security.

Periodically, firmware upgrades are also applied to your office copier. To prevent breaches, make sure your firmware is always current. If you discover that you're out of date, address the issue right once to safeguard your data.

Use Managed Print Services

Using managed print services will help you protect your data. Your output devices will be looked after and kept safe by the service provider.

To make sure that your data is safe, the company will scan your network and gadgets for any holes that hackers could exploit. In addition, they can keep an eye on your workplace copier remotely.


Always put data security first, so make sure to include your workplace copier in addition to your computers. There are many ways to secure your data, from updating to a newer kind of printer to adopting managed print services.

If you want to upgrade your multifunction printer or copier, Altech can assist you. Our managed print services will assist your business in lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and improving your security. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing or leasing an office Multifunction Printer and how we can tailor a solution to your specific needs.

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