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Top Errors to Avoid When Purchasing a New Copier

Whether this is your first time or you've had to go through the process several times, purchasing a new copier for your office can feel a little overwhelming.

There are numerous factors to take into account, including whether to buy or lease, the functionality and requirements of your team, whether to work with a local dealer or manufacturer, whether to purchase a maintenance package instead of hiring a local maintenance contractor, and more.

Your choice of copier will need to last for a while, so it's not something you'd buy frequently. Most of the time, it isn't even an annual purchase. And it's not like you have a whole IT department at your disposal to assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to purchasing computers and cybersecurity.

Here are some of the most common errors people make when purchasing a new copier to assist you.

1- Lack of features

People frequently find themselves looking at features but becoming paralyzed by the choices. As a result of the overwhelming, they are cautious and make cuts, which is frequently a mistake when one takes into account the features that would help their team and their company grow if the features were available.

Plan ahead but remain open to learning about features you hadn't anticipated. Don't eliminate features merely because you are unsure of your need for them. Consider features and functionality as chances to expand your company rather than just addressing immediate business requirements.

Could your team make some reports that need to impress using color copy features? Or do they really only require the ability to see in black and white? When minutes are crucial and you're trying to turn something around and get it back to a client or a partner, will you regret not having the ability to scan documents? What about finishing touches like hole-punching, stapling, and folding brochures?

There is no reason to spend money on features you won't use. Just keep in mind to consider your business's two to five-year future as well as what your team could reasonably accomplish with additional features when determining what you need.

2- Choosing the Wrong Copier Provider

Finding copier providers is the first step in the copier shopping process. The best value will come from choosing between a local dealer and going directly to a copier manufacturer. Those looking to purchase a copier may start with used copier listings.

While buying directly from a manufacturer has some advantages, you are restricted to that one brand's line of copiers. This implies that your provider may force you to use whatever they decide is best based on what they produce.

You will also gain from working with a nearby printer dealer in a number of other ways. They will be able to assist you in sorting through various manufacturers to make sure you are aware of all the reliable copiers that are offered in light of your requirements and your financial situation.

Working with a nearby dealer will also mean that they can evaluate your requirements and pair you with the best copier and options based on your objectives. A local dealer will work with several brands, so they will be able to steer you in their favor.

Consider treating the person you choose to work with as a business partner rather than as a single customer. Join forces with a supplier who is committed to doing more than just closing deals with you. They will therefore be interested in whether you have the appropriate copier, the appropriate technological solutions (i.e., features, cybersecurity, budget, etc.), and the appropriate long-term maintenance and upgrade strategy.

3- Buying an Expensive or Cheap Copier

The phrase "you get what you pay for" is quite common. It makes sense in terms of copiers.

Going with the cheapest options will probably hold you back, even though you want to pay attention to your budget and be aware of what you can afford. In addition to limiting your feature options, purchasing a cheap copier may end up costing you more in the long run due to frequent breakdowns and insufficient maintenance plans.

For businesses and their long-term objectives, mid-range copiers can mean the world. The majority of the time, these are excellent options for teams and offices that already know what they require but also need to be matched with something that they can grow into

Not all expensive copiers are high-end. Make sure the bells and whistles on expensive items are functional rather than gimmicky before you buy them. By making a larger-than-needed purchase, you run the risk of reducing productivity because your staff will have a steep learning curve.

However, choosing a machine with all the bells and whistles can give projects a high-gloss polish. The important thing is to prioritize value and purpose over cost.

4- Choosing the Wrong Applications

Applications are very similar to add-ons that, when carefully chosen based on your unique needs, will dramatically increase work productivity.

Numerous businesses demand users enter a code before making copies. This is beneficial for a number of reasons. Managers can check the number of hours billed and the resources used, and accountability provides the business with a great deal of security.

Many businesses use Microsoft applications to link staff members to the copier or printer and maintain effective communication between them as well as meet output requirements. Profitability can increase and costs can be decreased.

Applications that enable employees to manage saved proposals and send them remotely to a prospect or client directly from their wireless connection, via the copier, to the client can be extremely helpful to sales teams as well. For straightforward repetitive tasks like this, remote access to the copier can be quick, easy, and incredibly effective.

These are just a few instances of how applications can be both an expensive, complicated, and wasteful expense as well as a highly effective tool.

Final Thoughts

While there are many misconceptions and errors that could prevent you from choosing the ideal printer or copier, these are some of the top five errors that are the most typical and the simplest to fix.

Instead of limiting capabilities and hindering the team, choose features that will work for your team and that your company can grow into.

Choose a printer dealer to work with as a team. They ought to pay close attention to what you want to achieve and be able to match you with the best-specialized solution. They ought to be thinking about your future as well, guiding you in choosing a printer that will give you options and advance you rather than stifle you.

Keep in mind that expensive doesn't always equate to high quality when evaluating prices. And going cheap will probably end up costing you money. Purchase a copier that meets your needs instead. Then, confirm that it is in line with your budget.

Purchase a copier that has the software your team and business will benefit from. Keep in mind that while some of them may seem like bells and whistles, there are also useful applications that can keep your team and clients connected, safe, and one step ahead of the competition.

Altech offers a wide range of multifunction printers to meet your company's every need, ensuring an increase in production and workflow.

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