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Currency Counters


SC-8220 & SC-8220F

Latest Note Technology at a Competitive Price

The SC-8220 is a 1+1 Pocket Value and Multi Currency Counter with the latest features such as UV LED for higher accuracy and minimal effort when detecting bad notes and counterfeits. The counter also got serial number recognition which is an increasing requirement on the market today. It makes cash handling easy and secures where you will explore efficient operations for counting notes.

The machine is available in two versions: SC-8220 & SC-8220 Fitness.

Perfect for:

  • High-speed note counting

  • Multicurrency mode

  • Operator efficiency

  • Detection of bad notes and counterfeits thanks to included UV-LED



Two-Pocket Mixed Value Counter

The SC-8230 model is a non-stop 1+1 pocket banknote discriminator and sorter that is cost-effective, reliable, and heavy-duty. Improve efficiency with its large capacity and high counting speed.

Perfect for:

  • Bank tellers

  • CIT companies

  • Advanced counterfeit detection

  • Non-stop counting



No matter if you are a retailer, work in a bank, exchange office, or with elections, you need a note counter that counts genuine notes and detects counterfeits. For you, we have introduced the SC-8100, a high-quality value counter that will deliver outstanding results at a low cost.

Perfect for:

  • Value counting according to ECB regulations

  • Banks and retailers

  • High cash volumes



The SC-1600 series is the successor to the widely used SC-1500, a versatile desktop currency counter. Standard features include continuous counting as well as variable batching, configured for maximum throughput.

Perfect for:

  • Value and fitness counting according to ECB regulations

  • Banks, retailers, and casinos

  • Cash centers


VC-100 Mini (VS)

The Vacuum Counter, VC-100 Mini (VS), is ideal for rapid and accurate counting of both new and used banknotes of poor quality, and also for counting bundles. It has a unique versatility feature whereby it can be adopted for counting any transactional document like currency and food stamps in banks, stores, post offices, etc.

Perfect for:

  • Fast and accurate counting and batching

  • Verifies a known quantity in a bundle

  • Banks, retailers, and casinos  

  • Cash centers

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